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Jason Keil is a writer whose work has been published in the Phoenix New Times, AZCentral.com, Phoenix Magazine, and OnMilwaukee.com. He also co-hosts the podcast What The Fork.

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Fatherhood: Week 17: Traits To Pass On

My father has felt unfairly maligned by my blog in the last two weeks.

In reflecting on the type of father I want to be, I realize I am perhaps unjustly critical of the man who raised me. In fairness to my pater familias, it might be time to reflect on some things he did that I want to pass on to Beckett.

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Fatherhood: Week 13-Depression

What’s going to happen when my son is five and he tells me I’m a terrible father because I didn’t get him a Transformer for Christmas? While admiring him for loving Optimus Prime as much as I did when I was his age, I’d be making a mountain out of a molehill if I took his scorn to heart.

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