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"A Film Buff Approaches 40: Extra Butter On That Popcorn" or "Watching These Movies Will Come In Handy...Someday."

A fellow writer listed their favorite film from each year they were born.

My main criteria for my selection was the movie had to influence or affect me in some way. 

I made some tough calls. How did Out Of Sight, Back To The Future, or High Fidelity not make this list? Why did Trainspotting have to come out the same year as Jerry Maguire? How did my favorite Quentin Tarantino film (Jackie Brown) not make this list when Pulp Fiction did?

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Avenge This!

My love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reached a fever pitch. My tickets to the Thursday night screening of the Age Of Ultron have been purchased. My Captain America shirt is set aside to proudly show my support for Steve Rodgers. I'm working hard to choose which spoilers I want to know going in and what I want to save for a surprise.

Did I mention I've read only one single comic book since I was eight years old? 

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How a French Film Showed I Lost My Edge

After seeing The Clouds of Sils Maria, I reacted in the same way my parents did whenever I dragged them to art films: shaking my head feeling like I wasted two hours of my time. After 10 years of living in small town Illinois watching the cult horror films and the canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I lost my edge and I was frustrated as a result, much like the frustration Juliette Binoche's character feel when she can't get inside the head of her character. 

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The Post "Titanic" Movie Soundtrack


When the soundtrack to Titanic sold over 30 million copies, studio and record executives saw a way to increase their revenue while showcasing new and emerging artists. Here are some of my favorites from 1998-1999. Some capture the feeling of the film they're associated with or represent the adventurous music coming out before the turn of the millennium, and some simply are a jumping off point to dive into an entire genre.

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