"A Film Buff Approaches 40: Extra Butter On That Popcorn" or "Watching These Movies Will Come In Handy...Someday."




A fellow writer listed their favorite film from each year they were born.

My main criteria for my selection was the movie had to influence or affect me in some way. 

I made some tough calls. How did Out Of Sight, Back To The Future, or High Fidelity not make this list? Why did Trainspotting have to come out the same year as Jerry Maguire? How did my favorite Quentin Tarantino film (Jackie Brown) not make this list when Pulp Fiction did?

So here it is, in all of its frustrating glory, my list of my favorite movies for each trip around the sun. Conversation and respectable debate are encouraged.

1978-Animal House


1980-Raging Bull

1981-An American Werewolf In London

1982-Blade Runner


1984-Stop Making Sense


1986-Blue Velvet

1987-Raising Arizona

1988-Die Hard

1989-Say Anything...

1990-Miller's Crossing

1991-Silence Of The Lambs

1992-The Player

1993-Searching For Bobby Fischer

1994-Pulp Fiction 

1995-Apollo 13

1996-Jerry Maguire

1997-Good Will Hunting

1998-Velvet Goldmine


2000-Almost Famous

2001-Mulholland Drive


2003-Lost In Translation 

2004-Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


2006-Casino Royale 

2007-No Country For Old Men

2008-The Dark Knight


2010-The Social Network


2012-The Master

2013-Inside Llewyn Davis


2015-Mad Max Fury Road