Fatherhood: Week 14-Updates!

Thanks to all of you for reading. I’ve been surprised by the response to the blog I’ve received over the last few weeks. This wasn’t something I expected to keep up, so thanks for supporting me. I appreciate you spreading the word about it.

It has been a busy few weeks. Rather than a full blog post, here are some updates on myself and our family:

Week One

It took about one week to get back into music writing again. I even got to cover one of my favorite bands, Duran Duran, when they came through Phoenix. I thought I would have to dial things back, but I feel like I am writing just as much now as I did before Beckett arrived. 

The drive to pitch to other publications has died down. We realized because of my student loan debt we needed two strong incomes. 

Week Three

After several posts about finding daycare, we were very appreciative of the offers we received to take care of Beckett. In the end, we found a facility that is on the way to my wife’s work (sort of). 

We spent an hour with them to hang out and prepare Beckett for this big step. He was able to interact with the other children. I fought back tears the whole time. I told my wife as we left that I couldn’t leave him there. It had nothing to do with the staff or the facility. I just felt guilty.

I’m pleased to announce that Beckett has spent nearly two weeks in daycare. We are very happy with things so far. The wonderful staff that takes care of him think he’s adorable and very observant. 

Week Eleven

Beckett still farts like a man, making his father proud with every rip. He also poops on us a lot.

Week Thirteen

I have been appreciative of the emails. notes and concern for me. I am asked the question “Are you ok?” a lot more often. I’m better than I was at the time of writing

I’ve started training for a half marathon at the local running store. The exercise helps manage my stress levels significantly. I even went to a book club and interacted with literary types (and mostly older women and the husbands they dragged). 

Beckett has yet to tell me I’m a terrible father. Nor has anyone else. I still feel there is time for this to change, but until then I’m just going to keep doing what I am doing.