Fatherhood: Week Four - Safety First

When you live in Phoenix, most of the day it is too damn hot to take your newborn son out for a walk.

It makes it difficult for us to leave the house sometimes, even with the AC in our car cranked up on full blast. We even have a device called a Noggle. It is an 8-foot tube that attaches to the passenger side air vent in our car. It blows freon-cooled air on our son while he sleeps in his rear-facing car seat. After an hour or so running errands, it doesn't take much for our little man to become uncomfortable, even with the Noggle. We have to wrap things up and head home.

I feel like we have to take so many precautions when we leave the house with Beckett. The lanes on the road became more narrow when we left the hospital a month ago. Drivers became crazier. I have even been known to hit the brake when the stop light goes from green to yellow. 

After our nurse informed us about the dangers of aluminum-based deodorants, my wife and I switched to a plant-based formula. The confidence I used to have lifting my arms has weakened significantly as a result. I want my son to be healthy. If that means I have to wear Tom’s and risk my undershirts turning yellow, then I will continue to use it.

It’s hard to tell what would have been worse: my wife pregnant in the punishing Phoenix summer or keeping our son indoors to shield him from it. In the last few days, Arizona has seen a break from it’s normally scalding summer temperatures. We have embraced these opportunities. The three of us have gone out on evening walks. The vibrations help put Beckett to sleep and allows my wife and me to talk. 

We talk about work, the future, and most importantly, the weather.