Putting Myself Out There

I haven't written a blog post in a month, and I'm pretty sure the only one who noticed is my dad.

For a few months, I was struggling to come up with two blog posts a week.  I wanted to prove I could create consistently compelling and creative content.  I think all my writing was an attempt to land a job at /Film or BuzzFeed (and if you're reading, BuzzFeed or anyone else, we should talk).

The one thing I did learn was when I put a little bit of myself out there, that's what people read and responded to. Taking a cue from that discovery (and Season 1 of Girls), I want this website to not only serve as my portfolio, but to share stories and experiences I've had and those that will happen. I've always enjoyed the stories on This American Life, so I want to aim for narratives and essays of that caliber.

Some will be inspired by pop culture (which is why I'm continuing the Film In 1999 series) and some will be stories I want to share. Most importantly, they will reflect a desire to express myself and the talent to put my feelings into words, so posts will come out intermittently instead of every Tuesday and Friday.

As always, thanks for reading and your support. I hope you enjoy what you're reading and will delight in what's to come.