A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Feelings

I got my wedding pictures back a few days ago. I attempted to not flood my desk with tears.

It was less than a month ago but those pictures triggered so many memories that I had: excitement, love, and joy. 

The funny thing is, I was hesitant at first to go with the photographer my wife wanted. The practical part of my brain didn't want to spend what appeared to be an exorbitant amount of money for some pictures. I explained my reasoning to a friend. She explained how necessary that cost was. The pictures will be your best memory of that day, she said, so if you both like him, then spend the money!

My friend and my wife were obviously right, and I have the tear stained cheeks to prove it. I know years down the road, I'll look to those pictures to remind me of that special day and why we fell in love in the first place.

For those interested, those pictures can be found here.

To further my point on the power of photography, I recently listened to an interview on NPR's Fresh Air with photojournalist Lynsey Addario, who was twice kidnapped in the line of duty. (Interview is available here.) Her photos can speak to a story, but more than that, they can stir up feelings of fear and outrage of events going on in the world. She's documenting what's happening, but maybe someone will see it and want to do something about it. Perhaps that's why she continues to go back to Libya and risk her life. Her camera can help to bring about change.

Photography has always inspired me. I've held on to my parents' Vivtar for years, despite the difficulty I have with the focus. I've taken some wonderful photos with it. I also reluctantly purchased a mid-level Canon EOS for the purposes of taking photos during my honeymoon. I rediscovered how amazing photography can be and it's ability to capture moments and memories. (My photo of the Bixby Canyon Bridge is gracing this very page.) 

Sure, I can use my iPhone, but I want those moments to be as sharp and authentic as possible. Once again, I'll gladly invest my money and myself to capture those feelings visually.