My Best Songs of 2014

It's sometimes difficult to keep up with new music. When you're working hard to articulate why Fleetwood Mac's Tusk is better than Rumors, you find yourself listening to "Sara" over and over again. 

It's feels like a vicious cycle. A musician will be touring for their new album. While you might like it, by the time you're finished with the article you're exhausted of the artist's entire catalog. 

Spotify took a tally of what I was listening to the most this year. Spoon was the obvious winner. They are my favorite band and I interviewed Jim Eno a few weeks ago, but they, along with Tori Amos and Fleetwood Mac, are a poor reflection of what I really got into this year. I reacquainted myself with my favorite 90's alternative due to finally seeing Pearl Jam and Beck live, discovered tUnE-yArDs, and like every other critic it seems, feel in love with the St. Vincent album. But I also played catch-up and found some songs that are new to me, and found some gems that came from musicians I didn't think were capable of such grand feats.

So here is my lengthy list of the songs I discovered in 2014. Chances are I'm already behind on next year.

2014 Playlist (Spotify required)